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Vivid Uncertainty

Chaotic... And Yet Beautiful

90% 0f my recent posts are friend-locked... for my benefit

Well a description of me is completely irrelevant, anything you really need to know you can find out in my journal. However I also understand that this is where I tell things that are just not usually mentioned in my journal, for all you passer by’s… well there is a lot I guess I could tell you, I mean what is that you really find that you must know? What is the meaning of Life? 42? if you don’t get that… I’m sorry

I am a very complex person! That is me in a nutshell, never try to truly understand me… the reason why is that I am the epitome of a Gemini, there are so many different sides to me at any given time that you never really know how I am going to react. I love the outdoors, I feel more spiritually in tune if I am conversing with nature. I love doing new things, it drives me crazy to be stagnant, I always want to be doing something other than whatever it is I call myself doing… I love going places; I aspire to visit more countries... I tend to focus on the good in people, this has led to me being run over and hung out to dry on several occasions, but that is what makes us stronger… Well now I feel like I am babbling…
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